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How To Make Old Stuff Looks New?

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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I guess it has been a habit and a hobby as a mom to make old thing comes to life. Hubby is the only one working for the family while I don't have a fix income. Given the tight economy of the world now re-use and recycling of items is one wise and practical thing to do. When it comes to school needs of our kids I tend to re-use or recycle previously used or worn out items in the house. I practically know the different and annual activities of the kids at school so I keep items I know for sure I will be in need of for another school years.

Both of my kids have "Linngo ng Wika" at school. This celebrates the importance of Filipino as our national language. During this celebration they need to wear national costume. Last 2009 celebration my girl's bakya (wooden slippers) is in bad shape. The decorations are worn out but the body and sling are still in shape. I went in National Bookstore to look for some small decorative items I can use to redesign the wooden slippers. I found these small circular beads and a pack of rounded pink décor for less than 50 pesos. I came out with the redesign and brand new aura of the wooden slippers by:

1. Clean the wooden slippers.

2. Put rugby (sort of glue) on the flat space of the rounded pink décor and place it in the sling. Continue doing it until I come to the end point.

3. I put some rugby in between the pink décor and place the small beads to serve as additional decorations.

My daughter was happy to see the new look. On the other hand, I was able to educate my daughter that we don't need to buy all the time things she need at school. With this habit and hobby of mine I teach my kids the value of money, the ways they can save money and how to be creative.