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How To Play A Movie On Your Wii With An Sd Card

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Have you ever noticed that there is an SD slot on your Wii? There is one right on the front of the Wii when you open the small latch, you will see it. This is where you place your SD card to play around with your photos.

Have you ever tried playing videos on it? When you put your SD card in, you normally with get a reading of sorry the Wii can not read the format?

Tired of spending money on burnable DVD's? Not to mention they get scratched. And the time it takes to convert your movies takes what feels like forever.

Well let me tell you that you can watch videos/movies on your Wii with your SD card. But first you must know it is illegal to download movies off the internet without supscribing and paying for it. So here is the way to make your videos/movies compatible with your Wii system.

First make sure you have a 2 MB SD card or it won't work. Download Redhawk Wii video 9 for free on the internet. Just google "Free Download Redhawk Wii video 9". The download is self explanitory and very easy to install.

Once you are done click on the Wii 9 shortcut icon on your desktop. On the left hand side click on the "convert video file". Then on the next window that will appear click on "convert new file" located on the right hand side about halfway down. Then on the next window select the mode"normal". You will then see on the right hand side about halfway down the middle "select file". Then select NEXT in the middle of the page in orange writing. Keep clicking next on everything till it says" start converting. This will then be located on the bottom right hand corner. Last click view converting file to see your progress.

It may sound confusing but if you follow these steps you are sure to be able to watch your videos /movies on your DVD.

Have fun!