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How To Play The Lottery To Win

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Every week my husband throws two bucks into the lottery pool at work. A senior employee takes all the money collected and buys several Texas Lotto quick pick lottery numbers. Then my husband waits out the weekend to hear word they won.

Like that's going to happen, we are just not that lucky. I ask him why put the two bucks into the pool every week? He tells me he does it because of the chance they might win. He does not want to be the only one at work Monday morning while the gang heads to Austin to collect the check. It made me think, we need to learn how to play the lottery to win.

Fact: The odds of hitting all 6 lottery numbers in the Texas Lotto is one in over 25 million, which gets better the more tickets you have invested.

Given this, playing the lottery in a pool may increase your chances of winning. I have heard stories of company pools collecting the big check time and time again. However, unless you really hit the big one, your chances of being able to retire permanently are low because the money is split between so many. Do not forget, the government takes their share. Additionally, your total winnings are almost cut in half if you opt for the cash option (to take the money in a lump sum rather than over time), which is how they play the pool.

When the lotto first came to Texas, I tried playing a few times. Actually, I played more than just a few times. However, I had better luck playing the scratch off tickets, winning $500 once. As far as picking lottery numbers went, I never won more than $3. I soon gave up trying.

From reading different lottery winner's stories of how they won, I have put together a list of questions on picking lottery numbers. If you feel so inclined, you could tell me how you pick your numbers in the comments below. Better yet, you could tell me the winning set of lottery numbers for Wednesday or Saturday night. Remember The Texas Lotto only utilizes numbers 1-54 and I need six numbers.

Picking Lottery Numbers

Do you play the odds and go with the quick pick?

Do you pick numbers from a list of family birthday dates?

Do you select your numbers from a list of numbers you were confronted with in a day or weeks time?

Do you use an online lottery number picker, a lottery calculator, or special lottery software?

Do you have a special set of numbers you play repeatedly?

Do you pick numbers out of tealeaves in the bottom of your teacup?

Do you get your numbers from a local Chinese restaurant fortune cookie?

However you play, remember the odds of winning. Is it really worth putting good money after those odds? Given this, I decided not to put all my faith in winning the lottery for my economic survival. Nevertheless, I know anyone reading this will feel ripped off if I do not give you some tips on how to pick lottery numbers to win. I have compiled a list of ways to better your chances. These tips seem to be the consensus of most lottery experts.

How to Pick Lottery Numbers

Pick your own numbers and play them repeatedly. (A San Antonio man won using this technique)

Avoid using consecutive numbers.

Avoid using all odd or even numbers.

Avoid number strings such as 2-4-6-8 or 5-10-15-20.

Ensure your picks span throughout the entire range, pick at least two through each group of ten.

If all else fails, keep a record of all the winning lottery numbers and select your numbers from the list of most drawn numbers.

Most importantly, develop a good karma routine that revolves around your ticket purchase. Think positive thoughts or do a little dance.

I have followed these rules and the last one brought me the best results. I either won a couple of bucks or came close by being one off each number. I must confess I have seen the lottery numbers to avoid called on rare occasions. Hey, an air-blowing machine controls the game and it does not know number 1 from 54 (so they say). When it comes to playing the lottery, keep in mind it is only a game.

Good luck to you in your lottery pursuits!

Here is one of many references:

Gail Howard's Smart luck site gives you free tips and strategies for playing the lottery by state (US, Canada, and International Lotteries). My short list of things to avoid is only highlights of what you can find on the site. Some sites force you to pay for this information. I noticed this site has both paid and free information.

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