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How To Prepare For A Pay Raise

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Today was my annual evaluation at work. My boss told me a few days ago that we would meet this morning to review my past year achievements and talk about the new goals for the upcoming year and of course to revise my salary. I had asked a pay raise 2 months ago but he couldn't at that time.I was nervous about this meeting because I know I was and still is a bit under paid but I like where I work and there are some benefits that I really enjoy. So I decided to prepare myself for a pay raise.

For starters, I wanted to know how much I am worth on the job market, that way, I would have a strong case. I have looked on the internet to find this information.

I have searched some website specialized in job offers and I looked at jobs similar to mine. Once I had found job offers where the salary was posted, I printed those to bring at the meeting. I have even printed some job offers which didn't require the same schooling as I have just to show my boss how much the market offers them.

For some jobs there are salary surveys available. There was one available for my field of work but it was for 2007. I brought it anyway at the meeting.

Then, I have written all the good things I did during the year. If you think you do a great job, write it down and explain why you think you do a great job. Do you always remit reports on time ? Write it down. Are you always available to do over time when needed ? That's another positive thing. How many years of experience do you have in your job field ?

While in the meeting, if your boss asks you first how much you want, ask him how much he is ready to give you as a pay raise. That way you won't wonder if he would have given you more in the case you had stated your rate first. That's what I did.. He explained to me how he ended up with a 2% raise for this year. Then he asked me if I agreed. I told him NOOOO. I told him I was looking for a higher raise. I showed him what the job market offers and told him all the great things I did for the company. THEN I told him the salary I wanted. Of course, always put a little more than you are ready to accept because there is a big chance that your boss will cut it in half. Also, be realistic.

Well, I guess I did prepare a good case because all in all, I ended up with a 5.5% raise instead of 2%. My boss even agreed that I am worth more and with the upcoming years I will get pay raises to meet the market offers. If your boss doens't agree, ask him what you could do to deserve the raise you want and focus on that until the next pay raise meeting. I hope this will help you get the raise you deserve.