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How To Raise A Learning Enthusiast Child

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I was raised in a family where learning starts at a very young age. It is scientifically proven that human brain starts developing even at the time of conception. Thus, pregnant women were encouraged to listen to music and even use some gadgets to put on their tummy to let the baby hear sounds and music.

The appearance of a book is very familiar to me and my siblings at a very early age. Our parents start to show us baby books with al the colors and shapes and even musical books when we were just starting to mumble. This practice among parents have become common now, thus, baby shops sell books made of fabrics and soft materials for infants and toddlers.

As a parent of two young kids, son 3 and daughter 5, I am proud to say that they are very enthusiastic about learning. I was surprised that my kids started recognizing words, reading and spelling at age 2. Although kids are different in their intellectual ability I believe that all my tips will be of help to the readers. I have shared all of these to my friends who are also parents.

1) Familiarity with letters, books, shapes, illustrations and colors can be achieved at a very young age. Expose kids to baby books and toys of different colors and shapes.

2) Expose kids to music as music can help achieve an intellectually motivated brain.

3) Educational toys are not only for learning. It is a very good idea that kids are having fun while learning new things. My kids have 3 kiddie computers at home which are very easy to operate. These computers are educational and musical. There are games in the computer that are very interactive while providing entertainment to the kids as well.

4) Watching educational television shows are also helpful in allowing kids to interact, learn and have fun. I find lots of kids television shows like Dora, Word World, Super Why, Hi-5, Mickey Mouse Club House etc. very interactive and educational. My son who started spelling at age 2 (and is now 3) can spell words like 'stage', 'straight', ''slide', 'strawberry', 'rocket', 'orange', 'xylophone' and a lot more...words that are not simple for a 3 year old boy.

5) Learning numbers and simple mathematics can also be incorporated in daily activities at home. Counting their toys while playing with them or things that they see everyday seem to be very simple but could be part of a good learning process. Whenever my kids come to me for shopping, they pick up the groceries to help me, ask me how many packs I need and they do the counting themselves. They are being helpful, having fun and learning at the same time.

6) Last but definitely not the least, raising my kids and putting in their minds that education is important is a major factor that makes them interested in what they do. This must be coupled with sufficient encouragement and praises whenever they learn new things.