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How To Save $1000 Per Month

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How to save $1000 money each month Have you thought about saving at all? There are many people who have never thought about this topic. I live with several people in my family who rarely ever think about savings. When I was younger, I didn’t think about savings either but now I’m very saving conscious. My dad doesn’t try to save and my brother spends too much money on alcohol and partying. Obviously, there are people who just don’t save enough. If you’re smart, it’s time for you to think about saving. It’s good for your future and you won’t panic when there is an emergency. Here are some tips to help you save each month.

Have a saving plan

You should have a saving plan if you don’t already have one. You can plan to save for a six month emergency, jobs layoff, children’s education or retirement. You should have at least your retirement in mind since you can’t work that much when you’re over 70 years old and if you’re lucky, you can get some help from your children. You should take out a journal and jot down your saving plans. It all started with a plan first.

Saving accounts

You should have a saving account in order to save. How will you save if you don’t have a saving account? You need a saving account in order to save. You can open one today online or you can open a mutual fund saving account and make some addition earnings on your saving. Mutual funds or stocks investments will help you earn if you will save for your retirement or for your children’s education.


You need to do a budget each month. If you don’t have one, you will need to start one. You will need a budget in order to stay on top of your saving plans. Cut down smoking and drinking Believe it or not but you can go broke over smoking and drinking habits. You will spend about $500 a month on cigarettes alone and then another $500 on alcohol so you will go broke. A lot of homeless are alcoholics. It’s addictive so it’s time to stop smoking and drinking. You will have poor health doing these things anyways.

Do it yourself

If you do things yourself, you will save thousands each month, like grooming your pets, or mowing the lawn or clean the house yourself. Why would you throw all that money away each month by hiring people anyways.