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How To Save Money On Transportation

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With the high prices of gas nowadays, it is important that we start saving on transportation costs. These are after all, eat up a sizeable portion of one's budget. This money could be better suited to be spent on food, utilities and education rather than on gas. Here are some of the ways we can save on transportation costs.

1) Carpool - Carpooling is a fun way to save gas money. Carpooling is where people chip in the gas cost of a vehicle where they all ride in. Usually this is done by friends and officemates. This does not only save money but is nice since you get to travel with other people as opposed to travelling alone.

2) Commuting - Instead of using your own car to go to work or school, use public transportation. Use the bus or train and save money. Riding by train especially helps since it is a good way to save time and avoid traffic.

3) Walk - When the distanceis not that far, try walking to your destination instead of using a vehicle. This is not only a healthier alternative but could save you gas money.

4) Use a bike - For farther distances, you can use a bicycle. A lot of countries are going green by promoting bicycle use. Cars use gas but bikes do not so bikes are a good alternative.

5) Know where you are going - It is better to know where you are heading in advance rather than to waste gas by going to longer routes or to wrong directions. Plan ahead where you are going a plan activities in a way that would save you money.

6) Use fuel efficient cars - The days of gas guzzlers are over. Fuel efficient cars are now important as they give you more miles for every gallon of gas.