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How To Save Money On Your Next Cruise

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Cruising is an incredibly popular way to travel. The various cruise lines offer stops at exotic destinations around the globe. With cruise packages available for short getaways, weeks-long vacations, and everything in between, you can most certainly find the perfect cruise package for your next vacation!

Cruises often appear, at first glance, to be an all-inclusive way to travel, with your room, meals, and even entertainment included in your price. As you get more involved in planning your cruise, you will find that the little extras that will really make or break your vacation can add up to big bucks. Here are a few tips for saving money on your next cruise:

Transportation to and from the cruise ship. If you are flying into the city where your cruise ship departs, you will need to find transportation from the airport to the cruise ship, and then return transportation to the airport after your cruise is over. The cruise lines offer round-trip ground transportation, but often at a hefty price. Often you are better off hopping in a taxi cab, or a shuttle service offered via the airport to your dock.

Parking On-Site. If you live close enough to the port to drive your own car, you will need to find someplace to park your car while you are off enjoying your cruise. Many of the cruise lines offer expensive parking in their own parking lot. In most cities, there are much cheaper parking options that offer shuttle service to and from the cruise ship, and many offer on-site security, as well as other luxury options like car detailing while you are gone.

Excursions. When you arrive at those exotic ports of call, how are you planning on spending your time there? Cruise lines offer the convenience of excursions that suit almost any interest, including sightseeing tours, cultural experiences, guided adventure tours, and more. With excursions arranged through the cruise lines, you often pay for the convenience of one-stop-shopping. With a little bit of legwork on your end, you can arrange your own excursions for far less cost in most cases. Or you can hop in a taxi and set off on your own adventure for the day.

Drinks. Most cruise lines offer only certain beverages in their all-inclusive package, but most cruises will charge you extra money for sodas and alcoholic beverages. If you regularly drink several sodas per day, you will save money by purchasing a soda package from your cruise line. This may cost you between $20-40 on average, but is a significant savings over the a la carte price. For alcoholic drinks, many cruise lines will allow you to bring at least one bottle of champagne or wine on board, which will save you a bit of cash.

Happy cruising!