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How To Unclog A Clogged Drain

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To unclog a clogged drain you will need a box of Arm & Hammer. A box of salt and some vinegar. Most people have these already on hand. If you don't you will want to for situations like this. Also Arm & Hammer is great for keeping in the refriderator for freshness.


You will need to boil a couple large pots of water.


Mix the whole box of Arm & Hammer with same amount of salt.


Add some vinigar to the mix.

This will foam and then immediately pour the mixture directly down the clogged drain.


Pour the boiled water slowly and directly on the clogged drain.

You might want to where oven mitts to avoid burns from splashes.


Plunge the drain continuously. Then add another pot of boiling hot water.

If this doesn't work repeat the proccess one or two more times.

If you have a drain that leads to another drain. whether it's your laundry tub or your bath tub. Be sure to plug those first. This way you will be sure to get extra pressure on the drain pipe that is clogged.

If this doesn't work. Then you have serious problems and unfortunately will need a professional in to fix the problem. Hopefully it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

I highly reccommend everyone to do the Arm & Hammer treatment a few times a year to help keep the build up of scumb off their pipes. As paying for a plumber can be very pricey.

Fortunatley this has always worked for us and believe me we have had some serious clogs in this house. Hopefully one day thekids will realize they MUST scape their plates in the garbage. Or they can start paying for theproblem to be fixed and for them hopefully it is only the cost of home remedy and not a plumber as that would be alot of allowances lost.