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How To Write An Effective Complaint Letter

By Shafi Choudhury on
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Not all companies provide excellent products that won’t ever be refunded. There will always be a moment where you will have to complain to a company for a certain faulty product. Though this moment will arrive, you need to be ready to complain about the product so you don’t avoid being ignored. Writing a complaint letter can help significantly solve your issues but it requires some professional writing skills. You don’t want to write a letter which doesn’t make sense and causes you to fail in getting your views across. This is why you need to learn how to write an effective complaint letter to solve future problems.

1) Visit the Customers Service Desk

After discovering that your product is faulty, don’t choose to write to the company straightway as this might waste your time. Firstly, visit the customer service desk in the store where you brought your product from and tell them the problem about the product. Sometimes, this can solve the problem and they may issue a refund. However, all the stores don’t carry out the job the same way and they may tell you to contact the manufacture of the product. If this is the case, you will either need to telephone them or write a complaint letter.

2) Complain at the Right Time

Avoid sending several complaint letters as this can cause you to be ignored. Only send 1 complaint letter to get your problem across. Contact the person who has more authority over your product as this can save you more time jumping around from one person to another. A person with authority may be a supervisor, manager or a company executive.

3) Use Polite Language

Complaining about a product may cause you to become angry and include insults. However, this is no way to solve your problem and will never solve the issue. Use a polite, professional tone and language as this can make you look serious as well as professional.

4) Keep your Letter Short

Never write beyond 2 pages. The reader doesn’t require an entire story of how you bought the product, how long it took to search for a similar product and so on. Always be specific and get the important details across. Sometimes, the reader might not want to read anymore because of its length and may unintentionally ignore some important facts that were near the end of the letter. Keep all important details in the beginning to keep the reader from reading.


Overall, we all have these moments to solve. But what is important is how it is solved and when you receive a refund or your money back.