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How Would You Spend $20,000? Cnn Case Study

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Money.CNN.com Article: How would you spend $20, 000?

On www.money.cnn.com, the website had a topic called, “How would you spend $20, 000?”. This is a very interesting topic that I wanted to share. The article was in form a video case study in which a CNN representative tours the city of New York asking random people, “How would you spend $20, 000?”. Some of the responses to that question presented by the respondents were very interesting. For example, one guy in the case study video response was, “I would spend it on my honeymoon since I just got married”. Another response was, “I would take that money to payoff my huge student loan”. If you Google “How would you spend $20, 000” you might find the link for this CNN.com video. I will also provide a link to www.CNN.com article where the actual video is located to share for your viewing.

If you sit back and just think, how would you spend $20, 000 (USD) if you had it available in your bank account? What if $20, 000 was presented to you as a gift? Let me be the first to answer this question in our shared community. If I had $20, 000 (USD) presented to me as a gift or by winning the lottery, I’ll probably do one or two things with it. One of the things I would do is put some of that money towards my college loans to pay down my personal debt. Another option is to invest some of that money, perhaps, open up a small business (franchise*) to gain more operating revenue based on my investment.

Everybody has different agendas on how to spend $20, 000 (USD). You can either buy a car, purchase a house (down payment*), put the cash in a money market/savings account (s) for personal or business purposes, share some of that money with relatives or partner (spouse), or just spend it all on entertainment, food and lifestyle. I personally wouldn’t recommend the last option, but in today’s society, some people will actually do that. Has anyone seen the VH1 show called, “You’re Cut Off?”. If you did, you will see my point.

How would you spend $20, 000?

Source: www.money.cnn.com