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How You Can Glitter Toes At Home For Less

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Supplies needed to do your own Glitter Toes

The hot new look among teenage girls is a process called glitter toes. It is done at a salon and involves painting your toes with a gel epoxy type material that gives them a glittery look that last for weeks. The problem with it is like acrylic nails, theprocess is a bit costly and removing them can be difficult and damage the nail under it.

Since I love crafts and had all the supplies I needed right at home, we decided to try it ourselves. We used a bottle of Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail color in a silver color called Celeb City, a vial of Martha Stewarts sterling fine glitter and A Sally Hansen clear top coat.

1) You start by simply painting you nails with the polish just like you normally would. When you finish the first foot, stop and sprinkle the glitter on top of all the nails. The Martha Stewart glitter is perfect for this because it has a shaker top on it and you can easily apply it just where you need to. It takes very little glitter to do and be sure you do it over a piece of paper so you can catch any extra glitter and put it back in the vial to use another time. When you are done with glittering the first foot, paint and glitter the second.

2) Then I know it's hard but wait until it is completely dry before moving on. If you don't, you will just smear it and end up with a big mess. When the nails are dry, start applying your clear top coats. The glitter is rough so it will take at least 2 coats to give it a smooth appearance. We ended up using 3 on hers.

3) When everything is dry, you can then remove any extra glitter carefully with a small brush or cotton swap.

Now we are not professionals but the look we achieved was pretty close to what you get at a salon for a fraction of the price and without any chances of damage to the nails when it is time to remove. It may not last as long as the salon version but she is happy and that is all that counts.