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Human Rights Freedom Problems In Vietnam

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Currently, Vietnam and some other part of East Asia like N. Korea are having human freedom rights issues. If you read the news, you won't be surprise at all by this problem. People in Vietnam have been living with this problems for the 2000 years. They have never had the freefom that we do here in the US. It's pitiful in this day and age that people can't even believe in God and they will be shot down if they do. I find it dreadful to hear about such things. Restrictions on other things might not bother me but restrictions on religion is just plain nonsense. Who are they to tell people that they can't follow a certain God. It's just a personal, spiritual thing and we all deserves to have that. It doesn't hurt anyone if someone believes in God, or in the Buddha. It makes no differences except that it makes the person into a more positive person. If the government believes that positivity should be restrict then I have no more comments.

People in Vietnam are currently being shot down for following Buddhism, going to the temple, going to Church, and believing in God. I find it pathetic and I have so much sympathy for those that are being jailed for protestings on topics regarding human rights. There are many protesters out there that were beaten down, jailed for speaking out for other people. We can write about anything we want to here in the US but people in Vietnam can't get on their blog or even facebook or twitter and talk about the government without fearing jail time or the government will block the sites like China have on Google. China shut down Google basically and it's just sad.

People in Vietnam have very little political or legal rights. It's nothing like the US and they do not have a lot of government protections or laws to protect them and their businesses. They will have to bribes a lot of government officials just to stay safe. It's hard to breathe in that kind of environment. People in Vietnam do not have the bill of rights. They don't have a future like we do here in Amercia. They don't get student loans or loans from the government. Education there is never free for High School. You have to pay to be in High School so a lot of family take their kids out because they don't have the money for schooling.

You can help those in Vietnam by talking more about these topics and raising more awareness. You can help by not supporting the communists. Every time that you go back there, you support their economy and you can stop visiting to not feed your dollars to the communists. A lot of businesses are owned by communists anyways. You can write to Washington and ask for help for Vietnam. You can protest when the communists are trying to do business here. They have no business getting richer while others are getting poorer.