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Humbrol Paint For Serious Modellers

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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A Tinlet of Humbrol acrylic.

I have been using Humbrol paints, for as long as I can remember, in fact when I was a child, I referred to the enamel paint I then used as "tins of Humbrol". The company has been on the go for over fifty years, and sells most of its vast range in very small tins, aimed at the model painting fraternity.

The factory used to be situated in Hull, and there was an old Hawker Hunter (a real one) situated in front of the factory. This was bought from the Royal Air Force, who has used it as a gate guardian. I suppose most of Humbrol's products are used on model aeroplanes, so it just seemed perfect. The ending of this story is not quite as good though, after the factory closed down, the aeroplane was subjected to attack by vandals, and the plane was daubed with graffiti. I have heard that the local council were planning to move it to somewhere safer though.

This is Acrylic, which is water-based paint. It comes in a small plastic container, Humbrol call these "Tinlets", and they contain 30ml. These have a lid which is easy to close, and the containers are clear, so you can see at a glance what colour they hold. There are labels of course, giving you all the information you will need. You will not find any warning notices, as this paint is very safe for kids to use.

Humbrol make this paint in a choice of gloss or matt finish, and it can be thinned with water. It dries very quickly, and you can mix colours (as long as it is with other acrylics of course.) This range of colours extends to over one hundred and fifty! Considering the fact that you can mix up your own shade, there really is no limit to the amount of colours available.

The company actually went into administration in 2006, and were bought out by the Hornby company. I am sure the company will have a healthy future, as the model world will always provide a need for paint.

This paint is usually applied with a brush, thinned down slightly, but can also be airbrushed. This is an increasing trend, and acrylic paint is very suitable.Whatever method you use, cleaning is simple, using nothing more than plain water. In the event of getting this paint on clothing, it will come off in the wash.

This is one of those times where I don't need to say "I thoroughly recommend this product".