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Humor Is The Best Medicine

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To thrive in the virtual world, I have learnt and stongly believe that a sense of humor is a major survival tool. This is as much true for the internet as for real life. People who are blessed with an instinctive sense of humor go a long way. They are happier, funnier and more successful in life. Optimism is an inevitable offshoot of humor and I would be lying if I do not acknowledge the role of humor in healing my soul.

Humor helps in combating fear

Fear is killing. It kills us many times before our actual death. We all know that fear engulfs us in a feeling of doom. The best way to overcome fear is to fight it out with our sense of humor. "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on". And swing!, I would add.

Humor relieves stress, comforts and relaxes

Relive your childhood, by playing with a kid in a park ! Go, walk a dog, if you don't have one, borrow someone else's. Imagine dancing your way back with two left feet. Imagine bouncing on a trampoline! And see, how you get to relax even by the thought of it! It heals in more ways than we could actually think of!

Humor helps us look at the lighter side of life

Life is full of hurdles and a sense of humor makes it easier to deal with. Watch a cartoon show, play tricks with kids, cheat on card games, skip the office and just roll, and watch the funniest movie. It helps us to realize how important it is to see the other side of our bizarre lives. Taking a break from the doldrums of the daily routine, and doing the things we like to, give us impetus to live. It's like taking a HL (Health Leave) instead of (much confusing) SL (Sick Leave). I think SLs should be replaced with HLs.

Humor is the best medicine

With thousands of laughing clubs mushrooming every day, laughter has never been hyped so much before. But unlike other things, this is most welcome for one and all. Laughter, without any doubt, is the best medicine. Fitter, finer and healthier - the humor survival mantra.

After surgery, patients are told one-liners prior to administration of potentially painful medication. The patients exposed to humor perceived less pain as compared to patients who didn't receive humor therapy. This goes to show how humor can help us fight pains.

Humor makes us appreciate and be grateful

No one is perfect. We are born with shortcomings. Humor makes us appreciate the good things in us and laugh at the short comings. A crooked nose doesn't get less crooked, but we certainly learn to be grateful for whatever we are blessed with.

Appreciation is an antidote to fear. It's psychologically impossible to be in a state of appreciation and in a state of fear at the same time. And humor helps us to appreciate the good and the not so good things in life.

Humor helps us build relationships

It's also been seen that humor helps in relationship management. People who have a good sense of humor have stable, long time relationships on both professional and personal levels. The ability to face the censures and keep our cool, especially when confronted with untoward events and circumstances, helps us move on and accomplish tasks with more determination. The fights between couples are pacified to a great extent when humor takes charge of the situations. It's like a mediator helping us in settling things for the better.

So here's to humor!! Cheers!!