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Being a hypochondriac is not so funny. However you really have to look at it at the way it is. Symptoms are real however their true health is not at risk. This is what makes it funny.

I am a hypochondriac and i can at times joke about it. I believe the best medicine is laughter. So why not make light of the situation.

I sit here and wonder, "What will it be today, tomorrow or next week?" Well my arm hurts. The left arm at that! Must be a stroke or heart attack coming on? Now it wouldn't be because i slept on it wrong? My chest hurts. It must be a heart attack? Or maybe it is a clogged artery? It sure can't be that i have been sitting at the computer for hours on end with bad posture?

My chest will pound later and I know this because it happens a lot and it must be problems with my heart? Not the fact that i drink a lot of coffee? I have many headaches. Oh no i just know it is a brain tumour. I can't see how it would be from looking at a computer monitor for hours a day? Oh My, I just noticed i have a few large freckles. It just has to be skin cancer? I must Google and find out what is wrong! I knew it! It is from the sun and can turn into skin cancer. I must call the doctor right away. And while i am at it, i need to know why my lower back hurts. I think it might be my kidneys.

Now for me I have been tested for everything you can imagine. I am not dying. Not today anyways. However If you have symptoms of anything you think and feel needs to be looked at, do go to your doctor. Do not pass it off as hypochondriac if you have never been told you have health hypochondriac by a doctor. Also even if you have and you feel you need to have things check. Do go see you doctor.

Perfect Tombstone for a hypocondraic.........I told you i was dying...1902-2010

I hope I don't offend anyone with this article. But the reality is......we are not dying today anyways!