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I Am A Bounty Hunter! Bounty Is Made By Mars.

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I seem to have read a few reviews on Bounty bars lately, not sure why, but I remember I like them quite a lot when I was younger. I especially remember the dark or plain Chocolate version, and just assumed these were no longer being made.

I was in a local Value for Money shop the other day, and was amazed to see a stack of PLAIN Bounty bars for sale. I recognised them by the Red packaging, instead of the usual Blue. The wrapping contained the traditional two bars of Chocolate covered Coconut, weighing in at 57 grammes. Apart from the information I have already given, there was very little could read on the label, as it was all in languages intended for the Eastern European market.

I opened the wrapping, looked at the lovely dark colour of the Chocolate, had a sniff at the rich aroma, and decided that this was exactly as I had remembered it. I bit a small piece from the covering, and tasted the most gorgeous taste of dark Chocolate, this was as good as any Belgian variety. I then bit into the Coconut, this too was exactly as I had remembered it, very full of flavour, with that lingering aftertaste. Yes there were bits of Coconut stuck in my teeth, but that is part of it. The texture of the bar itself was perfect, I don't think there is another Chocolate bar with anything like the same texture.

The only difference I can find, is that there is now no cardboard sleeve in the wrapping. I know that plain Chocolate is supposed to be better for you, and I suppose I must add the obvious information that this product contains a lot of Sugar. I wish I could give you a list of all the ingredients, and I suppose I should be listing the percentages of Carbohydrates, Emulsifiers, E numbers etc. I just feel however, that this is simply a bar of Chocolate, ideal for a snack, and it should not be treated as a food item per se.

This product is made by the Mars Company, The quality of the ingredients are first class, and the bar cost me 29 pence, I think this is very good value for Money. I am recommending it to all, and will be buying a few more next Monday.