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I Was On Light Duties Alltronics Xenon Hid Lamps.

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I just want to tell you about the other week, when I discovered I had one headlight out. No problem thought, just nip into my garage & pick out a bulb, fit it & go. Oh, wait a moment, I have Xenon HID Headlights, and for the first time in my life, I don't have a spare. OK, ring the main dealers for a price, expect it to be rather expensive - I was wrong, it was not that at all - it would cost me £109 plus VAT!!! OK that is that option thrown out of the window, now where? Overalls on, in the car, and off to my local scrapyard, I need a few other bits too as it happens. Went round, finding not one single car with these HID lights, so came home.

I should just point out that these are proper HID (High Intensity Discharge) and these work by having an arc of 23, 000 Volts to produce a brilliant light, although it takes some four seconds for them to be at full strength. The system only draws 35 Watts, but produces 3 times the light from a traditional 55 to 60 Watt Halogen system. The system can be retro fitted to all cars, but is expensive.

I got home, and put the kettle on, while waiting for it to boil, I realised I was not 100% sure it was the bulb. These headlights have a resistor ballast pack, stepping up the voltage, so perhaps it was one of these that had blown. Option two of course was the chance that it was just a loose wire. I thought I had better just make sure the actual bulb was at fault. I started off by removing the battery from the vehicle (These lights are high voltage, and you need to disconnect the battery) I then waited five minutes to make sure there was no residual current in the system, and removed the offending bulb. It did look like there was burning, but I swapped it with the other one, and on turning the switch, I had proved that the defective component was indeed the bulb.

After another Coffee (Always helps) I rang a local motor accessory shop, "Oh yes, we do those" I was told. Off I went to collect a precious bulb. I walked into the shop and asked for one HID Xenon bulb, only to be asked for the model number. I had not brought it with me, so asked if they could look it up. I was told that it was not on computer, and the page was missing from the parts book. This was turning into a saga. Off I went heading for home, got the required numbers, and returned to the scene of the crime (shop anyway). I asked a different operator for a bulb, offering the number which was refused, "Oh I do't need that mate, I just look it uo on the comp", OK fair enough I thought. I was then handed a bulb which was very smart, in brilliantly coloured wrapping, at a bargain price, BUT, was obviously the wrong bulb. After checking again, I was told "Oh you mean Xenon HIDs?" yes I replied, that is what I asked for, "Oh we don't do those" came the reply from the Acne riddled assistant.

I was beginning to lose the will to live by this point, but rather than waste yet another journey, I decided to buy an air filter while I was there, only to be told they were out of stock. OK I thought, I will not be beaten, just give me an oil filter please. Yes, you guessed, none left at the moment. OK this is now a challenge, asking for a pollen filter, I was again let down "Oh they have to be ordered", I declined and walked out of the shop, never to return.

I came home, went on my rusty computer (I meant trusty, Oh I think rusty was more accurate.) anyway, I found a Company called Alltronics (see then at www.alltronix.co.uk) selling a pair of these for about £20, a bargain. Ordered, paid by Paypal, and delivered within 48 hours, I was a Happy Bunny.

I can recommend these bulbs, and Alltronics to all.