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Iconic Video Game Characters

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There had been literally thousands of video game characters throughout the existence of video games. They have ranged from the protagonist of the game to evil henchmen to mini bosses to bosses. However, there are several characters that stand out and have gained an iconic stature. They have become so big that their likeness could be seen in merchandise such as t-shirts to trading cards to action figures. Here are some of video gaming's biggest icons.

1) Mario - Mario is perhaps the most known video game character on the planet. He has appeared multiple times on every single Nintendo console. He has appeared in every game genre such as action / adventure, rpg, puzzle, educational and sports. His games are often the best selling titles in the consoles they are released in. He was so famous that he even had his own cartoon titled "Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

2) Sonic the Hedgehog - This speedy blue hedgehog helped catapult Sega to prominence and was huge back in the nineties. He revolutionized platform gaming and amped it up a few notches. The gameplay was faster than most platformers and played like no other game in the market. He likewise had his own cartoon in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic SatAM and The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

3) Link - This pointy eared hero from The Legend of Zelda Series. With his trusty sword and shield he battles giant spiders, knights, moblins and all sorts of mythical beings to save Hyrule and Princess Zelda.

4) Megaman -The blue bomber and his battles with the robot masters has been highly chronicled. Megaman had the unique power to absorb his opponents'powers after vanquishing them. He also had a variety of gadgets such as a mechanical dog and a jet pack.

5) Ryu - This Japanese warrior became the world champion when he defeated Sagat. He was the face of Street Fighter 2 which revolutionized the fighting game genre.