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If Bill F Can Lose Weight And Keep It Off You Can Too

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I have tried many weight loss plans and failed until about two years ago. I suceeded in losing about 100 pounds and keeping within a 10 pound range for 8 months now. How did i do it. I borrowed advice from multiple plans, listen to myself and made my own. Here are my 10 step advice from my experience in losing and keep it off:

(1) need both reduced calories and increase excercise. I even oversome injuries by switching types of exercise in my case from basketball to stationary bike. Calories do mater and lots of fruits and vegtables you like help you feel full.

(2) Keep busy and manage your time. Boredom hurts diet plans and keeping busy helps burn calories.

(3) You need change your habits for daily exercise and thinking about calories. You need to get used to honest calorie approximations careful reading labels help. Some food is too sweet for me now.

(4) You should come up calorie level goal internet tool good based on height, age, gender, exercise/ activity level and stay within 20% of calorie plan until meet goal than you can allow a occastional up to 50 % splurge for only one day in a week..

(5) You want to lose 1-2 pounds a week and somepoint in the process you will lose more without special efforts. No extreme diets. I being tall male and active suceeded with 3000 calorie plan. I went 3500 once met my goal weight to stay in retention level range.

(6) Try to keep balance in your diet ( all food groups) and keep with it. Weight your self once a week same scale, conditions ;otherwise, natural variations will demotivate you.

(7) Plan a increased food budget, Unfortuently processed, and fatier food is cheaper and has more sales and coupons. You can save some money by eating out less often since the majority of eating out is bad for your diet anyway.

(8) Smaller serving sizes of high calorie foods and improve your will power by less or no junk food around. I crave nuts but avoided peanuts (high calorie and cheap nut) and bought almonds in one ounce or 100 calorie packs.

(9) Eat multiple small meals and avoid eating after dark with lots of fluids.

(10) Have multiple exercise in your regiment. I include basketball, walking, chores, lifting, classes, stationary bike, stairs, and parking away from the store . Exercises should include fun, group pressure, and one do not take extra time.