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Importance Of Reading Among Kids

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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I could honestly say that I was not able to appreciate reading when I was a kid. Maybe because my parents were too busy to introduce reading and perhaps I appreciate numbers more than words. But as a mother I love to inspire my kids the fun and importance of reading as a kid, as a student and as a person.

My girl is turning 10 this May and although she performs well in school I hardly seen her habit of reading. She enjoys playing gadgets and watching TV. But when I have time to sit with her I could see her capabilities of reading and understanding English words and grammars. When I have a chance of talking to her about the importance of reading I really impart with her what best things and advantages it can bring to her. As a kid and as a student I tell her not to consider it only as a subject matter but something she needs to strive for, embrace and appreciate.

It is indeed a big help to her when she learns to value reading not only as to spelling concern but to learn how to understand what she is reading (reading with comprehension). That understanding will eventually lead her to communicate and express herself in English. Most graduate students now find it hard to get a job but sometimes not because there is no job for them but because they cannot express themselves in English in a work interview proper. Reading makes travel inexpensive too. I told my daughter that she doesn't need money to travel places. All she needs is time and books to discover beautiful and amazing places in the world.

For now she is fond of reading fairy tales and short stories but I still encourage her to spend more time reading for her advantage.