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Improving Communication Between Two People

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Communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Constant communication is what makes a relationship thrive and prosper. The lack of communication or miscommunication is what taints or destroys a relationship. Here are some suggestions on how to improve communication between two people.

1) Talk at the level of the person - Do not talk above the level of the person as he would not understand you. Do not talk below the level of the person as he might feel offended. If you are talking to a kid, adjust the words you use. The same goes when talking to a teenager or an adult.

2) Avoid jargon or esoteric terms - Do not use terms that few people understand. More people would understand the term high blood pressure than the term hypertension. Many people would understand the term baldness than the term alopecia.

3) Try to ask open ended questions as opposed to "yes" and "no" questions - Yes and no questions do not spark much conversation. Questions that are not answerable by "yes"and "no"get people to think and is a good start for a conversation.

4) Emphasize - Not all words in a conversation are important. Only a few words are important and the rest are just fillers. Learn to put emphasis on the important words or group of words you want to convey.

5) Tone of voice - Sometimes it is not what you say but how you say it. Different tones of voice can convey things such as anger, sincerity, sympathy and a range of other emotions.

6) Show interest - Show a genuine and sincere interest with the person you are talking to. Do not look bored or look like you are not listening.

7) Listen - You have two ears and only one mouth. Learn to listen to the other person and do not dominate the conversation.