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Improving Our Emotional Intelligence And Health

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Life is full of challenges, and we all go through disappointments and bad times that cause a range of negative emotions that include anger, sadness, and anxiety. The mind and body are connected and the prolonged presence of negative emotions have a detrimental effect on our over all well-being. It's the resilience and the ability to bounce back from difficult situations that determine how well we get more out of life.

A controlled and balanced emotional health is important for the development our Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Knowledge.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the ability to perceive, evaluate, control and express emotions.

In my own experiences and observations, it's the combination of the knowledge and its practise that helps us balance and maintain our emotional health.

Self awareneness is the key to improving our EQ and thereby improving our Emotional health. Make a start by asking your self questions.

-How you react in difficult and stressful situations? When things don't go your way, what are the emotions that come to the fore? Identify and evaluate your weaknesses. Accept the need to try and work on those weakness.

The process of self regulation and improving our emotional health starts after the identification of our weaknesses.

-Try and think of the consequences of your actions on others. Put yourself in the place of others and try to comprehend how they will feel. Empathy is another very important characteristic of our Emotional Intelligence. By understanding the feelings of those around us, be it at home or at the workplace, we learn to manage relationships better.

When your words or actions have hurt someone's feelings, take responsibility for them. Apologize to them as it helps release the feelings of resentment.

-What motivates you? Is it things that challenges your creativity? Irrespective of whether you gain a monetary benefit from it or not engage yourself more in such activities.

-Are you doing things that have a positive impact on others? Make a concious effort as often as you can. It takes away the focus from your own negative feelings and brings in a sense of contentment.

-Chanelize your negative emotions like anger. Very often anger raises the energy levels within us. Try to focus this heightened energy into productive actions.

-Recollect and appreciate the positive, happy and beautiful moments of the day. Be grateful for them.

In my case I realized that the more the self evaluation I did, the more the weaknesses I found. But, that itself has been a great first step.

Lastly, while we find means and methods to improve upon our emotional health, the support and encouragement of people we trust around us is very important. Being isolated certainly does not help. Even though we may have had difficult experiences in past, we must keep and attempt to build on our supportive relationships.