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In Remembrance Of My Father

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I can honestly say that I never knew anyone who didn't like my dad. He was one of the most likeable, generous men I've ever known.

They say the most important thing a man can do for his children is teach them about the Lord. My dad wasn't a Christian as I was growing up and did not go to church with us. Yet he taught me so much about God - without knowing he was living it.

My dad was always there for us no matter what. Because of that, I could understand a God who is faithful and will never leave us. My dad was a good provider. If times were hard, he would work another job for a while, and we never knew we'd had a bad spell. Because of this, I can understand and trust a God who is my provider and will care for me. My dad loved me unconditionally - and was always so proud of me. Because of this, I can understand the unconditional love of a Heavenly Father. Yes, One Who even rejoices over me.

In all I've done for the Lord, whether it was being a youth pastor, preaching, teaching or singing, my dad had a part in all of it. He was my basis for faith. He was the one who encouraged me, and assured me I could do anything I desired to do. He gave me confidence, so I could accept the call of God and step out in it.

My dad was one who would do anything for a person if he could help them. He was always available to help a neighbor or even one of my friends in need, when I was younger.

I remember when I was in High School and my best friend needed tires for her car. We were always together and dad hated to see us driving on tires in such bad shape. Her family couldn't afford tires at that time, so she was hoping to make do until she could get some. Dad had me take our car one day and had us leave her car at the house. When we got home, her car had 4 nice tires on it. My dad wanted to help her - and wanted us safe.

We shared a birthday, Aug. 27. He was so bad at remembering dates that if someone asked him when my birthday was he would have to stop and think. Then he'd ask me when mine was. I would give him "the look" and he'd laugh. "Oh, yeah! Guess I do know your's." I always told him I was the best birthday present he ever got. Of course, he agreed.

This was my dad. He will be forever missed.

Robert Sherman Berry August 27, 1927 to March 29, 1999

And, yes, he did come to know the Lord in his lifetime. I am so grateful I will see him again one day.