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India Land Of Cultures

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Cultures as the word stands for difference in the minds, habbits and religious beliefs of the people of a certain area. As far as India is concerned there are many different kinds of people who live here having a vast variety of habbits including the food they eat, the way they speak, the language they speak etc.

We can find in here the cultural mixture of people, wilflife and plant life(flora and fauna).The difference in cultures can be easily identified as we move from north to south.

The northern states of the country are far away from the equator and high above the sea level and people have adapted to that kind of lifestyle. The food they eat mainly includes chapati(an Indian bread made from wheat) which is served with different varieties of curries.When we see the northern part of the country, we can find that the main part of the sustenance of life over there is the river Ganga(otherwise called Ganges). Even after having many other rivers all the life is dependent on this very river for sustenance. The river is considered sacred and there exist many temples on the shore of the river. The river is considered to have mystical powers that could help cure any disease and many people from all over the country come to the place called Kasi(Varnasi) to clean up their sins. People believe that one dip in this holy river could wash away all the sins commited by them.This is about the northern part of India.

When we talk of south the south we have a large variety of people speaking in hindi, english, marathi, and several other languages. Each language mentioned above being a whole state.Being close to the equator meaning having a lot of spices in their food. In comparision to the north of India the southern India has a variety of spices that are added to the food they eat. The state Kerala is the leading producer of spices all over the world and is called the spice capital of India.The southern food have a lot of varieties mainly including rice, and other varieties of food made especially from rice.This was about the south.A lot more about Indian culture and its habbits would be seen in later entries.