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Individual Lab Assignment

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a) what happened with Enron and why was it unethical?

c) what is an accounting scandal?

d) what is whistleblowing?

e) why is ethics important within an organization?


a) describe 3 styles of leadership; autocratic, laissez-faire, democratic and how each influences employee productivity

b) what style do you think is the best? Explain why.

c) what is the role of management in business?

d) is management different than leadership?


a) what is an export?

b) what is an import?

c) what are Canada’s major imports and exports?

d) identify Canada’s major trading partners

e) identify Canada’s major trade agreements


Individual Lab Assignment

Enron and Ethics

A) Enron was a high- flying energy trading and communication company. Enron was unethical because of all the frauds that they made.

B) S

C) Account Scandal is a political and a business scandal with arise with disclosure misdeeds by executives of a large company.

D) Whistleblower is a person who gets a concern about a wrongdoing occurring in a company.

E) Ethics is important in a organization because it will lessen total negativity within the company and uplift and encourage reasoning and performance for both mangers and employees.

F) S


A) Autocratic leadership is leaders that provide clear exceptions for what needs to be done, when it should be done and how it should be done. Democratic leaders offer guidance to group members, other group members to participate and allow input from other group members. Laissez-Faire leaders offer little or no guidance to the group members and leave the decision- making to the group.

B) The style I like the best would be Democratic because all the group members have a say in the project/assignment.

C) The role of management in a business is that the manager makes lots of tough decisions and follows through on organizational mission and work hard to meet their company's objectives.

D) The difference between Management and Leadership is that management is planning and organizing projects to minimize coast and maximize benefits. Management concerned about the present activities. Leadership in the other hand is not so different. Leadership is guiding a person or a group towards the best result. Leadership is more focused on long term success.

International Business

A) Exports are goods that are transported out of the country.

B) Imports are good that are received from other countries.

C) Canada’s major import are

- Vehicle parts and accessories

- Passenger cars

- Trucks

- Industrial machines

- Engines and parts

- Plastics

- Electric apparatus

- Computer accessories

- Industrial engines

Canada’s major exports are:

- Petroleum products

- Passenger cars

- Car parts and accessories

- Aluminum

- Lumber

- Fishing materials

- Plastics

- Telecommunications

- Engine and parts

D) Canada’s major trading partners are United States, United Kingdom, Japan and China.

Canada’s major free trade agreements are with the North America agreement, European agreement, Chile agreement, Israel agreement and Costa Rica agreement.