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Inhumanoids Tv Series Review

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Inhumanoids was a television series made by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions is 1986. Its toyline was produced by Hasbro. The show featured the Earth Corps and the Mutores versus the Inhumanoids. The Earth Corps were a geological team funded by the government headed by Herman "Herc" Armstrong and was investigating a fossil that was trapped in amber. This attracted the attention of Blackthorne Shore, a scumbag industrialist. He was able to steal the technology of the Earth Corps and had their funding cut by another corrupt individual Senator Masterson.

This did not stop the show's protagonists as they were ironically funded by Sandra Shore, Blackthorne's sister. Blackthorne's obsession with controlling the inhumanoids ends up with him releasing Tendril who in turn sets free D'Compose. The two then rally to release their leader Metlar.

The Inhumanoids are a powerful bunch of titan like creatures. Tendril was a plant like creature that could regenerate and could reproduce when part of him is cut off. The cut out part becomes a new Tendril. D'Compose was an undead Inhumanoid which looked like a Tyranosaurus Rex. His power was to turn living beings into undead or to reanimate dead organisms. Lastly, Metlar had the power to control magma and to reanimate statues.

On the side of the humans were the mutores. There were the Redwoods who transformed into tree stumps for concealment, the Granites who were rock-like military creatures and Magnokor who was a gestalt who was composed of Crygen and Pyre. They fought side by side to defeat the Inhumanoids.

Overall, the show was a much better cartoon than what you would normally see nowadays. It showed a lot in terms of heroism, selflessness and courage. On the other side of the coin it showed greed, corruption and the lust for power as well. Being produced by the same people as GI Joe and Transformers, the animation is strikingly similar and many of the voice actors are the same as well.