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Introducing Lifehouse

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I was just browsing on the internet for some band similar to my favorite Switchfoot, Jars of Clay and Relient K, when I was directed to a suggestion to check out Lifehouse. I started reading bout them for a while and searched their hit song "Hanging by A Moment" on youtube. I easily get attached to the melody and captivating rock beat of the song. I guess it's no wonder that this song have hit top on chart. That ignites my curiosity to unravel more of their music. Since then I started following this band. I started collecting copies of their album to catch up with their music.

Lifehouses' humble beginnings

Originally called themselves "Blyss" a Christian band led by singer songwriter Jason Wade together with Sergio Andrade and Jon "Diff" Palmer as the founding member. Their debut album was called Diff's Lucky Day was released in 1999 and their first performance was in church worship services. Band leader Jason Wade's musical talent was nurtured by his missionary parents. However the band did not to specifically pursue as Christian band instead in 2000, DreamWorks Records spotted them and was later signed a contract as an alternative rock band. No Name Face was their debut album as Lifehouse released on October 2000. Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. replaced Jon Palmer after this first album. Sergio Andrade leave the band in 2004 but Bryce Soderberg came in later that year. Ben Carey officially become the newest member making Lifehouse a four piece band on 2009.

Their Music

My first impression was that Lifehouse is sounded like the music of Creed because I find some similarity in the vocals. However this band was eventually able to balance their music from alternative to post-grunge and to pop rock sound.


As Lifehouse band, No Name Face was their first album release that has hit phenomenal success. Their debut single "Hanging by a Moment" was awarded as "Most Played Song of 2001" and number one song of the year at Billboard Hot 100. The song "Sick Cycle Carousel", "Breathing", "Everything" and "You and Me" are some of the popular songs in this compilation. The song "Everything" was even played in the season finale of Smallville.

Their second studio album, Stanley Climbfall released on2002 but it wasn't a hit compared to No Name Face. Some notable songs I like in this album was "Spin" and "Take Me Away". Self titled album (Lifehouse) was released in 2005. Their first single "You and Me" become a hit even among television series such as Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal where this song appeared. The song "Blind" was also my favorite song in this album.

Fourth studio album entitled Who We Are wasreleased on 2007 again did hit on television series wherein some of their songs appeared in Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds. The song "First Time", "Whatever It Takes" and "Broken" are some of the notable hottest tunes in this album.Their 5th and latest album "Smoke and Mirrors" was released only this February with the carrier single, "Halfway Gone".

Why I like this band

Most of my music are from bands but I was a bit choosy when it comes to music because I am more on the lyrical content rather than just the sound. I love to listen to music that connect to me personally and in some way was able to relate with issues, like faith, love, and life experiences. I like the music of Lifehouse simply because they tackle these things on their music, more than just the good sound.

Check out more info on their official site, lifehousemusic.com