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Is Divorce Really Contagious?

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Imagine my surprise when I read a story on a credible news website about how some researchers at leading universities conducted a study on whether divorce is contagious. What do you think were the results of the study? The results were that it is indeed contagious. In fact, according to some top universities like Harvard and Brown, when a friend, relative, or a coworker gets a divorce it can increase your chances of getting a divorce by 75%.

Some of the websites even cited celebrities as a good example of divorce being contagious. Should we actually put credence in celebrities who divorce two months after they marry?

Will a happy marriage crumble if you know people and associate with them while they are divorcing? Of course a happy marriage will not crumble. The reason you get a divorce is because you are in an abusive relationship or you have fallen out of love. I think another reason people are getting divorces at such a high rate is because couples rush into getting married too quickly. I am always surprised to hear a young person in their late teens talking about getting married and then a friend will chime in that they want to marry soon also. Does that mean marriage is contagious?

Will the effect of seeing a friend/relative/coworker divorce have any effect on someone in a bad marriage? There is a slight possibility that a husband or wife might decide that their marriage is so bad they might as well divorce too. However, are you going to base your final decision on that? I don't think people are that irrational. I do not know anyone who has divorced simply because someone else was getting a divorce.

I think researchers at Harvard and Brown jumped to conclusions on why people divorce. I feel people have a tendency to rush into marriage with out getting to know each other well and that is why divorce rates are high.

This article is written based on my opinion and is not based on any "study" I did. You can read more on the subject by going to Googleand enter "is divorce contagious" or at CNN.