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Is Education The Road To Wealthier Life?

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Is our education system still a good way to create a wealthier life? This is the question I have been asking myself and asking a lot of people around me. Since the world economy is not in real good shape, it is time to question whether studying hard, get a good grade, get a secure job with good benefits and work hard to get higher job position are still valid in this fast changing new economy.

The world has changed from industrial age to information age. Our old mindset of study hard and work hard to get a better job is consider too slow to earn more money. In this information age, the most important and fastest way to earn money is through information. The Internet is where all the information are and if we can make proper use of the Internet and information that are being shared on the Internet, we can actually make money faster than any other methods such as working hard for money.

Personally, I have read a lot of books on finance and investment. Of course, one of the books that I read is written by Robert Kiyosaki. One of the books that I like most is the book known as cashflow quadrant. The book cashflow quadrant describes how different people in different quadrant think about money. I find that this is very important. Different people from different quadrant have different sets of thinking especially when it comes to "money". After reading through cashflow quadrant, it makes me understand more about the way rich people think about money and how we should earn our money to create a wealthier and financially free life.

Our education system does not teach much about financial management. The current education system ends up creating more technical workforce for the industries. Since the job opportunities are not as much as compared to the available workforce, the unemployment rate would be higher than expected. Thus creates a major problem to the economy. People with high level of education but lack of financial education will only cause more problems to their own personal finance and finally generate financial problems for the world of economy.

For example:

1, 000, 000 highly educated people who are getting good amount of income every month are poor in managing their finance would cause problems such as unsettled loans which will lead to bankruptcy. Imagine that people who are earning lower-income with low financial education, what would that cause to the economy? It would end up create financial disasters in major banks especially cashflow problems that will slow down the economy.

I agreed with Robert's Kiyosaki that we should provide financial education to our next generation and in fact, the financial education should be started as soon as possible to educate more financial literate people. Education is important but financial education is the key reason to create a wealthier life.

Are we trying to achieve a financially free life? If yes, then we should take action to learn more about investments, to learn more about financial such as balance sheet and cashflow statement and learn from the rich to learn the way they earn money and the way they think about money.

Take action today, learn finance, be financially fit and live a financially free life.