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Is It A Coke, A Soda, Or A Pop?

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I have lived in several parts of the United States now, and it always makes me laugh at the different ways we ask for our favorite beverage. In the south, most people call it by its name....whether it be Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, or other brand. In the north it is not uncommon to be in a restaurant and hear someone order a "Pop". Then in other regions they just want their "Soda" or "Soft Drink".

I grew up in Kansas and we asked for "Pop" when we would visit a restaurant, and the wait staff would then ask what brand of Pop we wanted. In college I moved to Texas. Everytime I would say pop, people would look at me oddly wondering what I was talking about. Eventually I picked up on the correct jargon for the word in the south Ya'all, and learned they just asked for it by its brand name.

However, in a few other regions I have lived or visited, I have heard some people say "Give me a soda" or "Mom, can I have a soft drink"? I dont know why or how we have managed to call it so many different things, but then again when it comes to steak, its a KC strip steak in Kansas City, but its a NY strip steak in New York. I guess it just comes with the territory.

What I have learned is that when I am Kansas, it is safe for me to ask for a pop, and when I am in Texas, I have to ask for a Dr. Pepper. This leads me to wonder just how others may ask for it in their own homes. Maybe you could let me know what name you call it by where you are. Is it a Pop? Maybe a Soda? Or is it just what the bottle or can says on the packaging...a Coke?