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Is Raw Foods The New Natural Diet?

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Something Old is New Again?

The 20th Century was an era of changes and one of the most important changes to affect society was the implementation of processed foods as well as foods that held a growing list of additives. By the end of the 20th Century many of us were not only having difficulty pronouncing most of the additional chemicals, colorants and artificial flavoring, not to mention things that were known to cause cancer in mice, but we were also having a difficult time purchasing products that didn't have all of these added things.

Although Organically grown produce has been available for some time the marketing of it has been such that for many families buying only organic products is difficult. Certainly as parents we want only the best for our children but with the price of organically grown fruits and vegetables costing double and triple that of processed or convenience foods, it isn't always possible for families to enjoy fresh produce or unprocessed foods. There have been indications that some organically grown produce has actually been treated with pesticides or chemicals as well and it's difficult for the lay person to recognize the difference let alone have the time to search out those that are certain not to have any treatment.

Now, there comes a diet on the horizon that is gaining steam and although it appears to be something new and wonderful, in reality, it is as old as many of our grandparents and great-grandparents. That diet is known today as the Raw Diet or Eating Clean. Raw diets include such things as organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, grasses, etc. Eating clean also allows for eggs and chicken to be added to the diet. Neither diet involves eating meats raw as some might believe.

When I visited my grandmother I recall her taking the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon every morning and adding it to a glass of warm water. She would drink this mixture and when I inquired why, she simply said, "it keeps me running clean and helps me digest better!" This mixture indeed does help to keep us running clean and is part of a raw diet mentality that keeps our body healthy. Lemon water helps to flush toxins via our liver and is also a valuable assistant for those who suffer from heartburn or indigestion problems. Eating clean today includes this particular drink but many often use distilled or demineralized water in place of tap or well water which carries toxins and/or bacteria and chemicals such as chlorine.

Cooking foods destroys value

The interest in raw food diets is based on one important thing - the ability to preserve the nutritional value of the food that we ingest. Often times the foods that are cooked including vegetables and fruits, are cooked to the point where their nutritional value is severly compromised and although we believe we are getting the proper level of vitamins and minerals from these items, in essence we have simply depleted whatever value they were able to give us simply by our steaming, boiling or microwaving them.

Eating Raw then is the ability for us to eat our foods full of the nutritional value they were intended to supply us with.

The issue with eating Raw

The problem for many who would like nothing more than to eat Raw, is that far too many families simply can't afford to take on this level of dietary ownership because the cost of the foods necessary to allow us to eat Raw are in some instances prohibitive to some families budgetary allowances.

Another problem is that far too many products in supermarkets are inferior to those that have been grown locally and which can be verified as truly Organic. A product that is shipped hundreds if not thousands of miles in a refridgerated vehicle and that lands on our stores shelves as fresh looking as though it had just been plucked from the garden, begs to be questioned.

Can a Raw diet be only partially Raw?

For the purist, the answer to this would be no! For those of us however, who are seeking to bring about a larger portion of healthy eating into our dietary plans, the answer is yes.

The difference is whether or not you wish to achieve complete and no exception dietary changes in your lifestyle that command you to be truly faithful to your Raw dietary decision.

For many though, eating partially Raw is a much better step forward than not doing so at all. With all of the fast foods, sugar loaded drinks and convenience meals that are flash frozen to "preserve freshness", it is not only important that we pay more attention to our dietary needs but also that we take the time to put into our body the kind of energy that we need to ensure we are living a quality oriented life.

Making Raw eating less expensive

Can this actually be possible? Certainly, but it isn't without its need for our commitment to our health. Growing our own foods allows us to control our consumption of what we will and will not eat. Further it certainly lessens the amount we must spend at the grocery store. For those of us who don't have access to farmer markets, or we enjoy gardening, the answer of course is obvious. Indeed, we can make Raw eating a much less expensive choice.

What about those who are in the city though and who can't enjoy a large plot of land? This is were some very inventive methods of gardening can come in handy. Things such as the window gardens as well as thegarbage bag gardens, pot and container gardens, etc. Today there is more available to us that allows us to be our own fresh foods keepers than at any other time previously. Whether we live in the country or in the city, we are able to grow our own fresh produce, herbs, vegitation and other completely organic items with very little difficulty andwith just a little bit of ingenuity and creativity.

Even if your family chose to only go Raw for one meal a day, imagine the benefits that could have. Those who are on a full Raw diet report enjoying better digestion, a weight that is in line with their "natural" body weight without even trying to maintain it, clearer skin, less colds and other illnesses and so much more.

The benefit of eating Raw if only partially is still far more important to our over all health than if we never choose to do so at all and that's worth the change don't you think?

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