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Is Religion Really Worth It?

By Amanda Rinaldi on
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I would like to kindly introduce myself as a Roman Catholic follower, among the many other blessed denominations out there. Growing up with 6 years of high school theology, I came to discover a thing or two about religion in general.

I came from an Italian home where being Roman Catholic was like breathing air. It's a requirement. When I began to really focus on the Bible and its teachings in high school, I simply accepted it for what it was and all the morality that followed it. I never really questioned or had any doubts, until college.

When I set foot on my campus, I met people of many other different faiths, and some with none. That's where I learned a very important lesson.

People of different faiths, whether Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist are not doomed to Hell because they are not Catholic. They are people, just like you and me. Nostrils flare and hatreds rage as these groups come head to head, arguing and fighting (Crusades, anyone?).

I came to learn that religion is a guide, a guide to living a moral Christ-like life filled with good deeds and love. It's not about rules or differences or which faith will bring you to salvation and which will send you straight to Hell. It does not work that way.

In the words of John Lennon, "all you need is love". Now love is a multi-dimensional word. It can mean many things. The kind of love religion teaches is Agape, love in serving and helping others, which can very well mean people of different faiths. It is not selfish or impatient. It is only meant for unconditional terms.

Fighting over who is better is merely driving hatred through humanity, the exact opposite of what religion really is all about. Religion is a logical man-made path to God. We as humans need a certain set of practices to help us lead a better life. Religion helps to do that. Whatever path one takes to find God is a good path. Religion in essence helps us to love God and others.

Remember to love others as yourself because "Love is all you need".