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Is Your Cat Sick? What To Look For

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Cats are elusive animals. Words like, aloof, reserved, subtle always come to mind whenever I think about all the pet cats I have had the pleasure of owning over the years. And the very fact that they can be so mysterious makes it difficult to know when they are ill. In deed, a cat can be seriously sick before you even notice anything amiss. Here are some things to look for in your feline friend that can tip you off to trouble brewing. One of the most obvious signs of illness in a cat is when he stops eating. Even a sick cat will eat op to a point so if your cat refuses to eat he needs medical attention. Not drinking can also spell trouble but with cats drinking more than is normal for him is probably more of an indicator of illness. Drinking a lot may hint at such problems as diabetes or kidney problems.

Cats sleep for many hours but if your furry friend is sleeping more than usual without normal periods of interaction with you or other pets then he may not be feeling well. Likewise with grooming, if your cat has stopped grooming something is not right and he should be seen by a Veterinarian.

The signs mentioned so far can be easily overlooked and may turn out to be fairly minor as far as health issues are concerned. But if your cat shows any of the following signs you should call the Vet immediately.

Straining and/or crying out while in the litter box

Blood in the litter box

Urinating outside the litter box, especially if the litter box is clean or if your cat has also been showing any of the other signs mentioned.

Vomiting more than the norm, meaning repeated vomiting or vomiting for more than a day.

Of course, these things are merely a brief overview of things you might see in a sick cat; when in doubt always consult your Veterinarian.