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Is Your Computer Slow

dedee By dedee on
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If your computer is slow and you have already done a virus scan and all seems okay. Then maybe you need to clean out your computer. Here are ways to help clean up your computer to help it's performance.

Disk Clean Up:

To do this click on your start button on the left hand side at the bottom of your screen. Then all program, then accessories, system tools and then click disk cleanup. this will clean up your un needed files cache etc. Follow the instructions.

Toolbar History:

Many toobars are different in how you can clean it up. Here are a few ways. One should work for you. Click on tools and then options. Then clear history. Or Some tool bars have an icon labelled privacy just right click and clear all three options. Cookies, broswer, cache.

Disk defragmenter:

This is found the same way the disk clean up is. Again go to your start button and selct all programs, accessories, system tools then disk defragmenter. Follow the instructions. This step can take a while if you have never done this before.

Spyware Scan:

There are a few you can use. I recommend the yahoo spy scan or the search and destroy. Both can be found for free in search engines, Google etc. Sure find the one for you and download it. They even come up with updates to install for your protection against adware.

Recent Items:

in your start button you will find recent items delete these as it is just all the pages /pictures you viewed.

Control Panel: Only go here if you know what you are doing. Uninstall any programs that you don't need or want.

C: Drive

Only go here if you know what you are doing. (Warning) Stay away from the windows folder as this is what keeps you computer running properly. Delete anything you have no use for.

If this doesn't work. I think you need a better computer. Or a better anti virus. Note: If you delete something you wish you hadn't then you can do a system restore to take your computer back to an earlier date. (I wouldn't recommend you do this to often as it can be hard on your computer.

To do a system restore. Click on your start button, all programs, assesories, system tools then system restore. Follow the instructions.