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Is Your Spouse Cheating

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Ten ways to know if your spouse is cheating on you.

1. Receipts:

Make sure you check all receipts in the car, his/her wallet and even the garbage. See what time is on the receipt, what was purchased and the location of the store it is from.

2. Phone Calls:

Get the call machine. You just hook it up to another phone jak that is not used and stuff the machine away out of sight. The machine records all incoming and out going calls.

3. Business Cards:

Go through all his/her business cards and check out any phone numbers on the back. You can check these numbers out on whitepages.com/ca.

4. Passengers seat

Leave something on the passenger seat and move it back a notch. Watch to see if it moves forward or if the stuff was moved.

5. Routine:

Watch for a change in their routine. If there is one time to take the next step.

6. Pay Stub:

Check your spouses pay stub. She if the hours worked match what your spouse says they worked.

7. Computer:

learn how to check the computer and There are websites out there that you download free program to know every stored password on the computer. Not nice but hey neither is being cheated on. Also when you do a disk clean up on the computer you can view all pages that were viewed on the computer since the last clean up.

8. Bank Account:

Know what, where, when and how your spouses money is being spent. Make a filing system where all your bank statements go and they will be there already open and ready for you to stoop.

9. Cell phone:

If your spouse has their cell phone off all the time or is texting way to much. As a change in routine. It is time to wonder why. Common sense is to get your hands on that cell phone. Bottom line.

10. Log it all

Keep a log of all the evidence and thoughts. Then decide what to do with it.