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Three days and one afternoon ago when my sister, along with the two beautiful kids, and my parents had planned their short trip to our country home, I had little idea that a lot of excitement was in store for me for the next few days. I could have managed a short holiday but didn’t think it was right to overlook my job responsibility without prior notice. The trip was planned in a day and for my sister they were already on a vacation to India and she didn’t have to think much. I, on the other hand, had to keep a lot of things in mind before deciding on joining them. Anyway, as things turned out, they, all four of them, packed their highly over sized bags for a very short trip. I bade them good bye and knew that it’s just a matter of time before I would get to play with the kids again.

The same day, I was in the office when something wild struck me. I logged on to the railway reservation website and started to browse through the ticket availability for the next two days. Obviously, I wanted to join family there, very urgently. I wanted to eat the air, breathe the Christmas – I was dancing tango alone! But, what I saw was shattering. I was not shattered though. My hope soared high and I knew that I would manage a ticket - the ticket to happiness no matter what. However, when all my efforts went futile, I contacted a friend who supposedly knew an agent. He was hopeful as well. But, I would have to wait for one whole evening and one whole night till the ticket reached me. In the meanwhile, I told my boss about the leave and he was excited as well. Back at home, I packed my bag looked for the bunch of keys to ensure super safety of the belongings and also to my reputation of not being careless. Then, I rang my aunt to tell her that I was actually leaving the day after.

I had never traveled alone to that destination and always had a conveyance to pick me up from the station. This time would be different. I tried to recapitulate the road – some 30 minutes drive from the railway station. I remembered the landmarks and the journeys that I had before. It’s been a while since I went there. Things have changed, I heard. Lot of development in a short span, lot of glitz, lot of shine but that shouldn’t come between my determination and my happiness, should it?

My mom rang that evening and we talked about the kids and about the normal stuffs. I was very excited to reach them the next day and see their eyes goggle out in surprise! I was awaiting a whale of a time for the next couple of days. The next day morning, my mom rang again and gave me the news. She told me that they were coming back by the next morning, ahead for their schedule! I was shocked, shattered and disappointed. My 4 year old nephew was not well. The weather was very hot and he kind of caught the flu. Things aggravated since there was no AC and rains were no where in the sky.

All I could do was to pray for the little child. And once he gets well we can continue on the fun. May be very soon, keeping my fingers crossed.