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It's Important To Maintain Your Laptop!!!

By icecendolz on
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For some people, laptop is very valuable. It’s need as entertainment or to support their job. As most other electronics, laptop also vulnerable to damage which can result in loss of data or replacement on its parts. So it’s important to know about the maintenance to keep it work.

There are some tips that I can share

1. Put a screen guard on the screen to protect LCD screen from scratches and dust directly on the LCD. Its also prevent the LCD from direct touch. To clean the dust on the screen which has been fitted with a screen guard, use a soft fabric with a little water on it. There also special gloves are sold in the computer accessories store to clean the screen.

2. Cover the keyboard with a protective rubber (silicone) to prevent entry of dust between the keys and prevent stains on the keys. If the keyboard is not coated with a protective rubber (silicone), perform routine cleaning of the keyboard by using a vacuum cleaner at low suction power.

3. Place the cooling pad on the bottom of the laptop to remove the heat generated optimally, especially for long time usage. Laptop fan in general is at the bottom. By putting a laptop directly on the table there is no room for the fan to remove heat generated. If this done consistently can make your favorite laptop get overheating that could reduce its components age drastically.

4. Clean the hand pads with a handbody or another cleaner because this part is usually the most filthy when we often used a laptop to type.

5. Keep it into a special bag to avoid dust and reduce the impact of a crash that occurred on your laptop. It's better to choose the bag made of smooth and thick materials.

6. Laminate or cover the casing with plastic so the paint colors are also preserved to avoid scratches.