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It's Not A Baybee!!!

James Armistead By James Armistead on
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I call them Beauracry-babies. These are the silver-spooned adolescents that gain infamy, and certainly more than 15 minutes of fame, because of the past transgressions of a few of our countries' leaders. From Senators; to Congressman, Presidential Candidates, and of course our famed televised spiritual leaders, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of commerce. From Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd president, who fathered twice as many children with his sultry; seductive slave Sally, to Vito Fossella who admitted his affair after being caught drunk driving in near the domicile of his mistress. These public figures show strength and prowess in debates on political topics such as; same gender marriage, energy, budgeting, spending, and immigration, but on moral issues or matters of the heart, they're more infantile than the cast of Nickelodeons' 'Rugrats'. Or is it that the anatomy of housemaids who work in bourgeoise households; has such a glamorous feel to it, that it renders these strong-minded magnates incapable of moral reasoning? Or is there another possibility? Is it plausible that our nations' leaders are victims of a world-wide conspiracy to intermix pure bred gentile with the likes of commoners? Maybe, but not likely, but what we do know is that their offspring are often left with fortunes that seem to dull the shame and embarrassment they previously claimed. It would seem that cold hard cash provides the safe, warm comfort the rest of the populace would die for, or at least endure a few brief moments of sheer mockery.

Patrick and Katherine Shriver are the latest celebrity children to feel the shame from public embarrassment. If the names don't sound familiar, it's because the original given surname was Schwarzenegger. Which was harder to spell, so they changed it. Maybe they remember failures such as 'Conan the Destroyer'; 'Conan the Barbarian', or the truly ill-fated 'Hercules in New York'. With such film debuts as these, I would have assisted the children in euthanasia or even challenged them to a 'Fear Factor' eating contest, and not to face the ridicule and criticism received from these movie flops. Or maybe they are sick at their fathers' poor decision-making and felt an obligation to remove any further association with the renown surname. In either case, is the burden of shame theirs to bear? Or more importantly, should they withdraw compassion for their father for an infraction he committed during their youth? His infidelities were certainly not a house kept secret. Allegations of sexual harassment were many over the first years of his marriage and success. While he received far less scrutiny for his activity than Bill Clinton did, he certainly did not escape the scorn or wrath from the public. And the kids? They were present at the time. They were not isolated behind bars or glass that prevented them from hearing current events, and they were not shielded from life by overprotective parents. So why now has this become an issue of such importance that they would need change their namesake? Is it embarrassment or a slight against their "other half" where they find it agreeable to share a household, but not the aristocracy designated to all Kennedy kin.

In complete contrast to the Shriver children, is a woman who i have come to admire for her consistent support of her father. Her name is Ruth Kelly. She is the love offspring of Eric Clapton and Yvonne Kelly a Caribbean woman who owned a studio where Clapton had recorded on of his earlier albums. While the birth of young Ruth was not initially publicized, she does give credit to her blues inspired rock legend of a father for fully supporting her and being present during her youth. She understands that his decision to have an extramarital affair was not a responsible one, but is appreciative that he owned up to his responsibility for her support despite the situation. This admiration and unconditional love for her father is further exhibited with the compassion Ruth showed when she escorted her father to the funeral of her stepbrother, Conor, who's tragic and untimely death came from a drop he suffered out of a New York City apartment building. This loss was certainly a disaster for the Clapton family, but considering that this was his second illegitimate child, and he still earned the love of his first love child, speaks volumes to his character. Similarly, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been mature enough about his predicament that he has paid support for this child at the cost of his marriage. While no one knows how much of this the family was truly aware of before its public revelation, his wish to still be a provider, while an obligation, should still be admired. Many in his predicament have contemplated and carried out worse resolutions.

No one should judge children who were born into these situations. They are innocent and suffered through embarrassment because of the scandals that brough about their existence. Especially one that resulted in their very creation. They have already endured humility to a degree that most will never understand. To be labeled an outcast because of your own actions and speech is one thing. It is another thing to receive ridicule because of your parents or those around you have lost their ability to stay in control. We all have fell victim to our passions; our vices, or our demons. None of us are capable of perfection, and yet we judge people who are victims of their own perversions. Sex; lust, intimacy, are all extremely strong emotions that develop extremely strong desires within us all. When you meet someone who appears to have all the requirements needed to satisfy your wants it is difficult to turn away from what you hope will be your future. Self control is definitely most important during our excursion through life, but understanding the human nature behind non fatal poor decisions is key to co-existing in societies. What some may consider the strange and abstract, may seem perfectly routine to others. Does that make them worse of a human being? No. It just makes them human. And until I see laser beams emanating from the optical lenses of the average joe, or until 10 year olds are winning the worlds' strongest competitions, I refuse to believe that any of us are superior to another. I'm thankful for my humanity, and thankful I can grow and mature. Arnold can too. No more recalls Arnold. No more recalls.