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I Tunes Makes I Pod Ing Easy

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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I have been an iPod addict for about four years now. The iTunes software is definitely part of the attraction. With the software, I can keep my iPod organized, and I can add, delete, modify, and move the stuff on my iPod around if I want to. iTunes automatically sorts my audio (or video) files into categories, making things easy to find.

I have two methods by which I most often load files onto my iPod. Very often, I borrow books on CD from the Public Library and then upload the book to my iPod one disk at a time. The iTunes software makes it easy to do and I never have any problems at all. Audio books are quite expensive, so I really appreciate being able to work this way and save myself a lot of money.

Still, I absolutely love the iTunes store which is just a click away at all times. One of my favorite gifts to ask for at birthday or holiday time, is an iTunes gift card. That way, I have money banked and ready to go when the urge for a new song or a new book strikes. The available titles are massive and constantly being updated so that I can “read” a new book practically the day it hits the book stores.

I am even able to sample a song or a book before I buy it to make sure I like the sound of it first. And then whatever I download is saved on my computer until I delete it.

Podcasts are something else altogether. Most podcasts are free and there are literally thousands to choose from. One of my favorite podcast subscriptions is NPR Science Friday, where there is a weekly discussion of the latest news in science and technology. For instance, “Does multitasking lead to a more productive brain?” or “Should Joints be in the Medicine Cabinet?” There are dozens available right online or they can be uploaded to your iPod for later listening. When you subscribe, they are automatically uploaded.

Apple has done a good job of making their software intuitive and easy to use which makes using my iPod practically second nature.