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Jah Rastafar I

By ladychai on
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I have always been fascinated with reggae music and because of that, this lead me to be fascinated with the culture that brought reggae to the world, the Rastafarian Culture.

Rastafarian Culture originated in Ethiopia from the story of Queen Sheba and her love life with King Solomon. This is depicted on the Rasta bible Kebra Negas which was translated by Ziggy Marley. With the help of Marcus Garvey, people from Jamaica learned to fight back from discrimination and were given a brand new hope and this hope would mean to return to Africa. Ras Tafari or Haile Selassie I also paved the way for Rasta culture to spread by becoming the last emperor of Ethiopia and eventually he became known as the reincarnation of Christ and the son of Jah.

To be a Rasta does not only mean you follow the Rastafarian religion but to follow the Rasta way of living as well.

To others, Rastafarian Culture means extreme afrocentrism but with the evolution of this culture and with Bob Marley's success in spreading the Rasta belief in various countries through his music, Rastafarian Culture has been given a new meaning and it has become a way of life rather than just being a mere religion.

Rastafarians believes in thinking positively and this is depicted with their language, the Jamaican Patois. The patois actually is English language that was given more positivity. Seldom can you hear a Rasta saying any word that denotes negativity.

Rastafarian culture differs from the place it is practiced, more so more radical Rastafarian Culture is practiced in Ethiopia and Jamaica whilst reformed Rastafarian is practice in other places and this is clearly depicted on how women are treated.

I must admit that there are certain practices in the Rastafarian Culture that I do not conform with however, Rasta is a vast culture and I am more intrigue with living a positive lifestyle.