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Janome Memory Craft 9000 Automatic Needle Threader

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Janome MC9000 needle threader

This tutorial will help you understand how to use the automatic needle threader on the Janome MC 9000. This is one in a series of how-to articles about the use of this sewing machine. An index to the full list of articles can be found at How To Use the Janome Memory Craft 9000.

I have recently purchased a used Janome Memory Craft 9000, my first electronic sewing machine. I have to admit that there is quite a learning curve for those of us who have been sewing for over half a century on machines that haven’t previously changed all that much for 150 years. However, my eyesight certainly has changed in the past ten years. I used to have 20-10 vision. Once, when a friend asked how I threaded my sewing machine so easily I responded, in what must have been a snippy tone, “I just look at it.” She rolled her eyes.

Now, even with reading glasses, threading the sewing machine is a bit of a trial. The Janome MC9000 includes a needle threader. I’ve found that it does work well, once I understood how to get it to line up with the needle eye.

The threader is attached to the underside of the sewing machine arm, just to the left of the needle assembly.

Using the Automatic Needle Threader

1. DO THIS FIRST! Using the button on the front of the machine marked with two arrows, raise the needle to its highest position. This button alternately moves the needle to its high and low points, so you may only need to press it once, or you may need to press it twice. Don’t use the handwheel to raise the needle, because you might not get the needle aligned perfectly, and this is critical to success with the threader.

2. Pull the threader unit downward, keeping it angled back away from the needle. Note that this has a spring, and if you do not continue to hold on to it, it will return to the storage position by itself.

3. Rotate the threader unit forward. You can probably see two small hooks that should line up, one on each side of the needle. What you may not be able to see is that there is a third small hook that should thread itself through the needle eye. If the needle is not in the full upright position, that third hook won’t come through.

4. Hook the thread from left to right under the three visible guide hooks on the threader. There is one on the far left, and there are the two that bracket the needle. This should also position the thread under the small hook that came through the eye. Hold the thread taut, and upwards to the right.

5. Rotate the threader unit back again. This should pull the thread through the eye– you’ll now have a loop of thread in back of the needle. You can easily hook this with a pin, or the tip of your scissors, etc, and draw the thread the rest of the way through the needle. Be sure to release the thread from the left-hand guide hook.

6. Return the threader to the storage position.

Range of usefulness

The threader will work with needles from sizes 11 -16. Most of the sewing that people do uses these sizes although I’ve used sizes from 9 - 20 over the course of a lifetime. The limitations at the small end would be that the tiny hook would not fit through the eye. Over size 16, the flanking guide hooks would not fit around the needle.

The threader will work with threads from 50 -100 weight. Again, this is an average range. Most thread is 60 weight. Heavier threads will not fit under the tiny hook. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work with very light threads. I’ll probably be trying this out in the future!

My personal experience so far has been that this works well when it’s lined up right. I haven’t decided yet if it is easier than using a magnifying glass and threading the machine by hand or not.

It is nice that the Janome Memory Craft 9000 is fitted with an automatic needle threader, and that it’s attached so that it can’t be misplaced.

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