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Janome Memory Craft 9000 Threading The Sewing Machine

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MC9000 spool pin positions

This tutorial will help you thread the Janome MC 9000. This is one in a series of how-to articles about the use of this sewing machine. An index to the full list of articles can be found at How To Use the Janome Memory Craft 9000.

I have recently purchased a used Janome Memory Craft 9000, my first electronic sewing machine. I have to admit that there is quite a learning curve for those of us who have been sewing for over half a century on machines that haven’t previously changed all that much for 150 years.

Instead of having a spool pin that is mounted vertically on top of the machine, the spool pin sits horizontally in a groove. You flip up the top cover (locate tab on the front right side, just in front of the handle attachment) of the machine, to reveal this tray. The tray also stores several of the presser feet, and the inside of the cover shows basic stitches, and patterns on the built-in memory card.

The spool pin will raise only to a diagonal point- you can not make it vertical. I was concerned about this, since I have dozens of large-sized commercial spools of thread (see large spool of red). These do fit, but barely. There is a spool holder that is flat on one side and somewhat pointed on the other. It easily slides on and off the spool pin. This works well with the flat side against normal spools, and the pointed side toward my commercial spools, which have a much wider center hole.

As it turns out, the threading is not much different from any standard sewing machine, although some of the guides look different. In the pictures, I’ve laid red thread loosely along the path you should follow. Yellow lines show where the thread will be when the tension is correct.

Thread the machine:

1. Place the thread on the spool pin, and secure it in place with the spool holder.

2. Upper thread guides: Note in the picture how you bring the thread through the center channel, then to the left and right of the metal thread guides, then out the front of the machine in another channel.

3. The check spring holder (tension): Where you used to come down the front of the machine and around the tension knob, you now just come down the front in a guide channel, jog slightly to the left and come back up in the next channel. This is called the check spring holder.

4. Take-up lever: With the thread back at the top of the machine, you now bring it through the take-up lever. This looks similar to the lever on traditional machines. You don’t have to put the thread through a hole, just pass it in back of the take up lever, from right to left, and it will slide into the groove where it belongs.

5. Bring the thread back down the front of the machine, in the same groove where you just came up.

6. Lower thread guides: The rest is similar to most any sewing machine. Just below the body of the machine, above the needle assembly is a thread guide where you slide the thread in from right to left. On the bar where you also see the thumbscrew for changing needles is a second guide. Also slide the thread behind this from right to left.

7. Thread the needle from front to back.

You have now completed the threading of the top thread.

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