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Janome Memory Craft 9000 Winding And Threading The Bobbin

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MC9000 threading the bobbin

This tutorial will help you wind and thread the bobbin on the Janome MC 9000. This is one in a series of how-to articles about the use of this sewing machine. An index to the full list of articles can be found at How To Use the Janome Memory Craft 9000.

I have recently purchased a used Janome Memory Craft 9000, my first electronic sewing machine. I have to admit that there is quite a learning curve for those of us who have been sewing for over half a century on machines that haven’t previously changed all that much for 150 years.

The bobbins used for this machine are clear plastic ones. Many Singer machines also take a clear plastic bobbin, but these are not as tall as the one the Janome takes. This bobbin is the same size as some clear plastic ones that fit Kenmore machines. The correct size can be ordered from Sewing Parts Online.

Just out of curiosity, I tried sewing with one of the shorter bobbins in this machine, and it accepted it. I will probably do this to use up the thread in my old bobbins, but I’m sure it’s not recommended.

Winding the Bobbin:

1. Place the thread on the spool pin, and secure it in place with the spool holder.

2. Thread guides: Note in the picture how you bring the thread through the center channel (away from the bobbin winder spindle), then toward the back of the machine, and then back to the right in the rear thread quide

3. Thread the bobbin: Locate the small hole on either face of the bobbin. Push the thread through this from the inside to the outside, and leave a tail of several inches that you can hold.

4. Place the bobbin on the winder spindle, with the thread end coming out of the top. Push the winder spindle to the right. This will engage the winder and the electronic display will change to say “Bobbin Winding.” This will also disengage the needle motion (you do not loosen the handwheel as required on older machines).

5. Secure the thread: Hold the thread on both sides of the bobbin. The thread in your left hand (coming from the spool) should be taut, but loose enough that the thread can slip through your fingers. Press the foot pedal to begin winding the bobbin. After enough turns that the thread is secured, clip the top thread end close to the bobbin.

6. Complete the bobbin winding: Press the foot pedal and hold it until the bobbin is full. There is an automatic clutch, which means that it will stop winding by itself when the bobbin is full, but with my machine, this was very full, with the thread almost flush with the outer edges of the bobbin. You might want to stop just short of this.

7. Return the spindle to the left position. The electronic display will return to the stitch selections.

8. Clip the thread between the spool and the bobbin, leaving about a 10-inch tail.

Threading the Bobbin:

1. Release the cover plate: There is a clear plastic cover over the bobbin compartment. Just to the right of it is a ridged, black button. Use your thumbnail to push it to the right and the cover will pop up. It removes completely by pulling it to the right- you will see the tabs on the left end disengage.

2. Align the bobbin: Place the bobbin with the side up that makes the thread come off the left side.

3. Place the bobbin in the bobbin case, and bring the thread toward the front until it engages in thread guide 1.

4. Holding the thread on the left side of the machine, move it toward the rear until it engages thread guide 2.

5. Reinstall the cover plate: Just slip the tabs in place on the left, push down on the right edge and it should snap into place easily.

6. With the machine threaded, roll the handwheel toward you (counterclockwise) until the bobbin thread is pulled to the top of the needle plate. (You can alternatively push the up/down needle button twice to pull up the thread, if you already know where this is. But the old-fashioned wheel method works just fine.)

Your machine is now ready to sew.

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