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Javanese: Ways To Show Their Warmth And Friendliness

edev5 By edev5 on
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Javanese people have always been famous for their politeness, in every way they can: behaviour and conduct, and also words (language). You can see this when you watch them say their words, or in their traditional songs (very soft and mellow). Or even when you watch them do some actions like greeting their guests, they would bow a little and said, "Monggo", with their right thumb pointed and slightly tilted, up to the direction to which we should enter. I'm not a Javanese (like I said in my previous review), but my hubby is. He's not educated with such polite actions and words, though. But his parents are. They still have their Javanese language, behavior and mindset. Javanese people have this kind of mindset: "Slowly But Sure". You can't rush them in everything, even when you're in a hurry. In Javanese language, there are also some divisions to distinguish which language should be addressed to certain people. I once learned this language since I lived in Java during my childhood and in schools we mostly have this Javanese language as one of the lessons. I can't remember all of those divisions, except only two of them, which are widely used by Javanese (and probably Chinese living in Java). 'Ngoko' is the more harsh one, used mainly between friends, or at least with people with almost the same age as us. While the softest is 'Kromo Inggil'. This is used by the inferior to address the superior. By this I mean, to older people, to the honorable ones, servant to his master. All in all, Javanese people have always tried to show respect to the olders and guests, and even to people they just met. I myself, though not a Javanese, am very pleased if I have to use Javanese language. It really reflects, even in their language, that they are very warm-hearted and friendly people.