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Job Security

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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A Day in the Life...Is your job demanding, requiring you to wear many hats throughout the workday? Be happy! If you are one of the "go to" people where you work, it may mean job security for you. In today's economy, that is saying a lot!

My job title is Head Bookkeeper/Office Manager. The "Office" in my title referring to the cash office in a grocery store that employs 150 + people.

As you can imagine (or not) the bookkeeper's job is to keep all the money that comes in every day counted and accounted for. But there is actually a lot more to it than that! Accounting for Lotto Tickets. Maintaining the scratch lottery ticket vending machine, accounting and maintenance of the Coin Star machine, ordering supplies for fax and copy machines, ordering the currency and coin required to run 13 check stands, accounting for donation canister money, answering and directing phone traffic, lost & found maintenance, and keeping all that paper work organized. These are a number of the things I do, but not all inclusive. So this all makes me valuable enough, I suppose, but then there are all the things I'm called to help with that are not part of my job description!

Here is list of the things outside my office I was called on to do this morning: ring up the deli department's produce items to use for special orders, help a customer purchase a forty pound box of bananas, fix the copy machine, help the Starbucks barista clean up the flood in the kiosk, field the call from the bakery employee whose mom had a diabetes disaster while driving her to work, run a current sales report for the floral manager, email the security department for a new batch of override cards, run to the floral department for a price check, blow up a bouquet of balloons. Phew! No wonder my days go so quickly!

By the time all this and all that are finished, it's too late for me to take a break because now I have to go to the floral department to put in the next four hours of my shift!

This is what I mean by job security. Who else could fill my shoes?