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Jobs That Might Go Into Extinction In The Future

elvyra By elvyra on
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Grocery cashier

Nowadays, they have so many self-check stands that they might just cut out cashier in the long term for good. They might just reserve like one check stand, but I can see now that in the future, they will have very little check out girls. They might have like one or two. They might still need people to check the check out people though. I think cashier for this kind of work needs to look for other work soon. Yes, businesses are utilizing machines to cut down their work. Each day, we see more and more technology coming out, and we can literally take care of our business with a smart phone and this is scary for some business because it's so quick.

Personal banker

With the availability of online banking, atm machines, and much more, they will have less and less bankers working out there. Nowadays, you can literally do everything online and with an ATM machine and I suggest that they have less interaction since it’s less risky that way for bankers. It’s also time consuming but it will be time saving for banks. Why not? Technology is great and you don’t really need to go to the bank anymore if you have a computer at home.

Tax preparer

OK, it’s great that you have personal tax preparer but who needs them when you have a computer. Everything can be done online for free even. Have you heard of Turbo Tax or Efile. Yes, they will go out of business in the future and maybe less and less so. I don’t use them anymore because I’m able to use the internet to do my taxes.

Newspaper boys

Newspapers have come to extinction so have paper boys. I hope he finds a new job like delivering pizza because they’re in more of a demand.

Some type of artists

Nowadays, with the availability of photoshop and many editing softwares, some artists are not needed anymore. One can easily create tons of art without hiring an artist. People don’t need to use an editing service because they can do it all at home for themselves. They don't need someone to edit their photos since they can use the softwares on their camera to do so easily and this is why we would see a lot of photo editing services going out of business in the future. I have never use them and I don't intent on using them either.