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Just Increase Physical Activity

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I know a lot about fitness--diet plans, healthy options, exercises, etc. I know what to do. I just don't have the drive to do it.

But the most effective plan for, and the motto that I live by, is summarized as follows:

"Decrease food intake, Increase physical activity."

I have gone through many kinds of diets and have also gone to the gym. Although I feel better because of the disciplined regimen, I have not really lost weight. But since I have followed the above, I did lose weight and maintained it.

It is actually very simple. If you take like a plate of rice, with soup and a couple of meat viands, then decrease your intake in half. If you can't handle a drastic change, then maybe remove 25% of the servings. After your stomach and your system have adjusted, like two weeks, then reduce your intake some more. As long as you reduce your food intake, eventually you will lose weight because you are stuffing less food into your body.

Although a lot of things are being told about exercise, like going to the gym, doing aerobics, etc. not much is being told about housework and other activities that make us move.

For many of us who cannot really afford to go to the gym because of time and financial constraints, there is still an option. And for me, setting aside one hour for exercise can get really tedious. So I just spread out my exercises throughout the day just so I could move.

For example, I make the effort to take some extra steps. Instead of lazily putting everything where I can reach them and not be able to stand up, I intentionally move things farther away from me. I also drink a lot of water so that I will be forced to stand up and go to the bathroom instead of just sitting down in front of my computer. This worked really well when I was working in the office because our toilet is a floor below so I go up and down the stairs many times a day. While in the restroom, I would do side bends, arms circles or knee bents, etc. Just a few counts that would make me stay in the restroom for only a couple of minutes. It does not take much effort, but I tell you, pounds will really be shed off and you will get shapelier in no time.

There are many ways to make us stay in shape. But so far, this one has worked for me.