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Kauai The Island Of Romance

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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I still remember the attitude I used to have about the popularity of the Hawaiian Islands as a prime vacation spot for those who could afford it: "It's just a tourist trap, is probably crowded and therefore no way worth the long flight it takes to get there - not to mention the expense!"

That was until I won a trip to Kauai from a radio station.

It took winning a trip to get me there to find out for myself exactly what the attraction to the islands is all about. I realize that it is somewhat obvious that the beauty of Hawaii is in a large part what attracts. And beautiful it is! But the beauty consists of more than just what you can see with your eyes. It involves all of the senses simultaneously.

When I won that trip, my husband and I took our two daughters with us on the trip. It was great. But we determined that we sure would like to return by ourselves to bask in the beauty and warmth together as a couple in order to really enjoy the relaxed and sensual ambiance that is Kauai.

It was many years later, but for our fortieth anniversary we finally managed to get back by ourselves. It was heavenly! We have managed to visit twice more since then and have fallen completely in love with our far-away paradise.

Most of all, we love the beaches. The sound of the surf is, for me, one of the most soothing sounds in nature. Put that together with the breath taking views and the kiss of the sun and trade winds on your skin, and you are soon lulled into a state of relaxation that is impossible to achieve at home where responsibilities are always lurking.

In Kauai, there are many wonderful beaches. Some are crowded and some are very secluded. You have your choice of easy accessibility or a more difficult job that might involve a short hike. The harder a beach is to get to, the more secluded it will be.

It is easy to be comfortable in Kauai. There are great accommodations to be had at relatively reasonable rates. For us, the closer we are to the beach the better we like it. You just have to spend some time with online research to find the perfect place for your romantic get-away. That is actually almost half the fun! Finding the perfect spot and then the anticipation...

Now that we have had the blessed opportunity to visit Kauai a few times together, we enjoy reminiscing about past trips and dreaming about future excursions into our romantic paradise.

If you feel like the day-to-day humdrum has caused a bit of indifference in your relationship, and you'd like to find that old spark again, try a trip to Kauai and see if you don't find it like we did. You can bask in warmth while there, and in the warmth of the memories once home.