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Keep The Shoes Clean For Your Better Fashion Appearance

By angga ayudyah on
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There's a saying a person's personality is reflected in the appearance. The appearance mean is no longer limited to the clothes but also footware. Today, shoes function has evolved from the original function as footwear, to be complementary of our fashion modeling. Therefore becomes important for us to take care of our shoes, at least know the correct way to clean and store our favorite shoes.

To clean leather shoes can be scrubbed with a soft fabric and a special leather cleaning fluid. We could also use a little amount of water if we do not have the cleaning fluid. Brush with the direction of a circle, and then dried it. After get dry, polish the shoes with a solid or liquid shoes polisher, and then brush the shoes till shiny. Dry it in the sun again for about ten minutes. Do not put directly under the sun too long to avoid the color get quickly fade.

For fabric shoes, we can clean it by brush it using a detergent or dab soap. Use a soft brush or toothbrush and non-bleach detergent to keep the color bright. Don’t dry this kind of shoes directly under the sun, to make it dry just hang in the shade.

After the shoes clean and dry, make sure the shoes properly stored. Shoes are still frequently used, should be placed on the shoe rack. For rarely used shoes, put it in a cloth bag that has added little camphor or silicon so the shoes do not mold or smell. It would be better also if the shoes at least once a week are dried to preserve moisture and prevent mildew.

Do not forget, the most important thing is to immediately clean your shoes when exposed to dirt. The dirt which not immediately cleaned up can accelerate the damage to our shoes.